For The Audiobook Lovers Among Us

When Random House told me they’d hired award-winning narrator John Lee to read FLIGHT OF DREAMS for audio I was thrilled. And of course I immediately went online and listened to samples from his numerous audiobooks. Mostly I was thankful he had the time to do mine. His voice is spectacular and he’s a genius with accents so it’s no surprise that he knocked it out of the park. Happy author all the way around. I could listen to him say “The American” all day long.

And then on Tuesday my editor sent me the link to this YouTube video of John Lee discussing FLIGHT OF DREAMS. I can’t explain why this meant so much to me but it did. My level of elation is silly and unreasonable but I don’t really care. It was hugely encouraging to me that he actually liked the book.

So there you have it. I am ridiculous. But John Lee is pretty darn amazing.

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